Various Hair Buns For Long Hair Inspirations

Applying the hair buns for long hair is a great idea for those who want to looks beautiful with their long hair in office. This one is the most favorite easy updos that will take about 5-10 minutes to do, especially helpful for busy women who don’t have much time to spend to style their hair. This hairstyle is also to those looking to always keeping their hair out of their face, especially when working out or cooking.

Updos like the bun is very easy and quick to do and can make you feel relaxed and comfortable when working or doing your stuff. In fact, buns are much easier to do than hairstyles you wear down. Pulling your hair up will make you feel confident of yourself even more because you don’t have to worry about your hair on your face when you’re busy.

Remember your updo can be as simple and easy as you want or you can make them more desirable by adding a touch of flare.  Just remember the more complicated you make them the  they are going to take.  Women love simple buns because you can just wrap them up and go out.

Whether you are going shopping, to work out or just need to step out for a minute this is a go to hairstyle.  Even if someone stops over unexpectedly the bun updo makes it look like you did something even if you rushed.  For those situations where you can comb or brush just go with a messy look.  They will never know the difference since these days the messy look is so “in.”

Buns don’t take a lot of time to do. In fact, you can master the style in less than one minute even if you have  hair. You can seal the look with a hairspray to hold it in place for the whole day. You can make go on with your day’s business without any hassles. Provided you choose the right styling products and you have a few minutes to spare each morning, you can achieve the perfect bun that will keep up with your daily schedule.

Sometimes going simple and easy is the best so you do not appear overdone. Long hair is attractive and it will show all a woman’s beauty after all its said a woman’s beauty is in the hair so why not show it off with the cute and easy updo for long hair! Let’s do this!

Cool Braided Updos

Wow beautiful! Not very many people are naturally blonde in this world which is more reason for you to go color your hair into a beautiful blonde like the one in the image above and look chic, modern and awesome. There is something about the blonde haired people that makes everyone to turn their heads and watch them down the streets. With such a hairstyle you will feel like a goddess and enjoy the compliments that come along with it. The hair is flowing down in bouncy curls and with a little touch of braids making it appear like a braided hair band. It suits most facial shapes and will leave the best of your facial features exposed. If you have a prom coming up then this is an updo hairstyle for you to rock with those long locks.

How to style:

  • Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hairspray.
  • Brush hair smooth and lightly curl large, 2″ wide strands towards the face using a large barrel iron. Continue until all hair is curled.
  • Allow curls to cool then rake fingers through to slightly break up curls.
  • Take some hair from the front to the back of the ears and start braiding across the head to the other side of the ear. Secure with a small rubber band and pin behind the ear.
  • Set this look with a medium hold hairspray.

Cool Updo for Really Long Curly Hair

Gorgeous! Looking for a sexy messy updo hairstyle then this is it ladies! The hair is wrapped across itself, back and forth, pinned in the back area of the hair in a half up/down hairstyle for this beautiful hair. The hairstyle for long hair is both formal and casual and it’s a great way to style long thick hair. This is one style that is made to wear the crown so get up now and follow these simple steps for recreating this romantic look and you will surely feel like royalty all night long!

How to style:

  • Blow dry hair using a root booster to lift locks to glamorous heights.
  • Use a medium-sized barrel iron to achieve these bouncy yet defined curls.
  • Tease hair beginning just behind your fringe, using a texture spray to help create volume. Smooth and pin backcombed section in place near the crown of your head.
  • If desired, brush your bangs and side sections towards the back of your head and secure into place.
  • Finish with your favorite hairspray!

What a Fine Mess! Easy Messy Updos For Long Hair

This is on hairstyle that can is a more of a DIY (do it yourself) without going through the hustle of sitting in a saloon for long hours. The hair is all held up into a messy updo that looks stunning, chic and trendy.

Keeping all the hair away from the face is awesome as it leaves all the cute facial features to be admired by the rest of the world like the cheekbones, facial shape and the neck appears lengthier. It’s a great updo hairstyle for women with long hair who are always on the go as it is easy to style.

How to style:

  • Wash hair well with shampoo and conditioner well
  • Apply styling mousse cream to the damp hair starting from the roots.
  • Blow dry the hair well
  • Iron the hair and then brush back and hold it up.
  • Iron the remaining pinned up hair for a more curled look
  • Spray to finish

Keshia Knight Pulliam Sports and Easy Updo for Long hair

African American hairstyles always stand out of the crowd because they are different, modern and classy. Just make sure to choose the one that will beat suit you and match it with a cool outfit too. The updo hairstyle in the image above looks absolutely stunning for about any formal event like prom, wedding and many more. The hair is black, held up to a braided bun and with a cute bang to the front. This is definitely one for the cutest and easiest updos for long hair that I’ve seen in sometime.

How to style:

  • Section out bangs and iron them straight.
  • Smooth the rest of hair into ponytail and begin curling the hair into a 1-inch curling iron then hold them together.
  • Get a small section and braid it round on the ponytail then pin it.
  • Use firm holding spray.

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