Some Inspirations of Medium Haircuts Easy to Style For Woman

Both long and short hairstyles have their own terms and need for care, however, medium haircuts easy to style is something that many women want.   So if you don’t want to cut your hair too short, I suggest you opt for this medium / shoulder length haircut because it can be very easy to grow it long when you need to, unlike the super short (pixie) haircut which takes long to grow out long.

On this list I have featured 14 best medium length hairstyles from which you can choose from, however, you can opt for the quick solution, instead of going to the saloon, you can use links below each featured image to buy a wig similar to that hairstyles, isn’t that amazing.


•    Condition your hair:  This is a basic step you should always consider when styling your hair. If you have long hair and you would like to cut it into a medium bob like the one i have featured above, you need to first wash and condition your hair with a good hair conditioner or shampoo, use cold water to wash out the shampoo / conditioner residues, this will leave your hair with a thick volume like the lady in our picture above.

•    Blow dry the hair:  Now that it’s moist and clean, you need to bow dry it so that you get rid of unnecessary water, it can be disturbing is you try to cut wet hair. The blow dryer will leave you hair fine and moist making it easy to cut.

•    Style the Bang:  If you have a bang, consider styling that bang in an appropriate manner to complement your face. In this case, you can side sweep your bang just like the lady in the photo above. You can trim the bang in a diagonal shape and sweep on the side using your fingers.

•    Cut your hair:  Remember your goal is to have a medium length bob hairstyle, so you need to cut your hair so that it stops just above the shoulder, you can do this in style just like the lady featured in the picture above.

•    Apply gel / serum:  You need to spice up your new medium haircut, in this case, apply  little amounts of gel / serum and apply this gel in your hair gently, this will give your hair a big volume and a smooth look.


•    Pair of Scissors
•    Mirror
•    Styling gel
•    Blow Dryer


Judging from the angles of this medium bob haircut, it looks cool on ladies with round face shapes, it can be a good option for making a round short face long.


You can style medium length in so many ways, so, lets see what you can do with that cute shoulder length hair:

•    Try Curls or Waves:  If you naturally have straight hair, after cutting it to a moderate length, I see no reason why you should leave it in the same style; everyone will expect you to have a glamorous new look. So in this case, you can make waves or curls just like the lady in position 2, 5, 6 and 10.

Making curls / waves will require you to use heat products like a curling iron or flat iron; so, you need to protect your hair from this heat by applying a heat protectant before using any of heated hair tools.

•    Try a side swept bang style:  If you have bang, take good advantage of it by side sweeping it, this will give you a new face shape and it will completely change your looks. At least your lucky because you have to change to change the shape of your face by altering the position of your bang.

Look at the lady in position 12, she features a glamorous medium length hairstyle with a side swept bang, she bleached her hair to ombre color, so you can as well give it a try, however, you have to be sure that ombre looks cool on you.

•    Try a medium bob haircut:  Ladies who love bob hairstyles, this will be your best option, however, a bob haircut looks good on women with thick hair, so you need to grow your hair to a thick volume just like the lady featured in position 13. To cut long hair into a medium bob should not be that difficult, simply use a ruler to measure the length of your new  bob, and mark the length with white chalk and start cutting.

However, when it comes to cutting hair at the back, you will need help from some one close, other wise, you might end up cutting it to a different length. On the other hand, you can spice up that newly bob haircut by bleaching it, choose a color dye which look pretty on you.

For example, light skinned ladies; you will look nice with blonde hair while the dark skinned ladies, you can opt for ombre / brown hair dye.


Many young girls fancy Selena Gomez’s hairstyles, in this series, i have featured her with a straight medium hairstyle which has a fine well trimmed bang, so lets see how you can have a similar hairstyle.

•    Prepare your hair:  Never get tempted to style hair when it is not conditioned for change, in this case, you can use an all natural hair shampoo / conditioner to clean and moist your hair, however to keep the thick volume of hair like that of Selena Gomez, you need to wash out the shampoo with cold water, hot water is too strong, so it will wipe out all oils and leave the hair dry.

•    Blow dry your hair :  Set the blow dryer to a standard heat level which will not damage your hair and scalp, now, blow dry from down so that each section of your hair gets dry but stays moist.

•    Comb your hair straight :  Before cutting that long hair, you need to comb it straight in all angles, if you have waves / curls, you need to be gentle so that you don’t brake the strands of your hair. However, you need to use a wide toothed comb because it will be gentle on your hair.

•    Cut your hair:  It is time to get a medium straight haircut, so now you have to cut your hair to a moderate length, it should stop above your shoulder just like Selena Gomez in the picture above.

•    Flat Iron your hair:  This process will apply to every one, it does not matter of you already had straight hair, to get an outstanding hairstyle; you need to iron that hair. However, you need to make a shield against heat produced by that flat iron; in this case, you need to use a heat protectant.

Now set the flat iron to a moderate heat temperature…start ironing your hair downwards, you will see moisture and smoke coming out of your hair, please, this should not scare you, it is normal.

•    Trim Split ends:   After ironing and combing your hair straight, you will notice split ends all over your head, if these split ends are left un-attended too, you will get a messy straight hairstyle, so please, use a pair of scissors and trim them off carefully, make sure you don’t cut your hair.

•    Style the bang:  Selena Gomez has a front well trimmed bang, it flatters her round face shape very well, you can as well style you bang the same way. However, if you don’t have a bang, you can easily but a bang extension which you can attach to your hair with glue.

•    Spray your hair:  Now that you have archived a cool straight hairstyle, you need to keep it shinny and smooth all the time, so you need to spray it at least twice a day.


•    Flat Iron
•    Pair of scissors
•    Heat Protectant
•    Hair Spray
•    Bang Extension

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