Short Cut Hairstyles For Ladies Inspirations You Need To Try

Tired of long hair or medium length hair and looking for something absolutely new that will change your who look within an instant then we gladly invite you to the short cut hairstyles for ladies. They are chic, trendy, sexy, modern and gorgeous. The good news too is that these haircuts come in for every face shape so you do not have to worry about that.

It’s a great choice for ladies who are always on the go because they  are simple to create and style so just make sure you get your cut right the first time and then always go for trimming to maintain the shape. You can have them colored completely, ombre, with bangs, straight, curly, messy, spiked up and many more. Have fun looking drop dead gorgeous and turning heads everywhere you go while enjoying the compliments that come along with them! Break a leg!

Short Cut with Longer Bangs in Front

When it comes to hair,  bangs are the in thing right now regardless of your hair length. Bangs add more definition to the hairstyle and softness to the face making it look more chic. Can you image all the freedom she is having from long hair that can be irritating most times like during the summer and hair constantly brushing on your body and face! Not many women I know of are willing to go this short but am telling you it’s rewarding at the end. It’s a great hair cut for about any occasion so just make sure to get your outfit right and well matched. Its one hairstyle for the women that are daring and not afraid to turn heads and will suit all face shapes.

How to style:

  • Wash hair well with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply a heat protectant to the hair.
  • Direct your bangs forward and blow dry your entire head of hair.
  • Brush the sides down wards flat on the head.
  • Piece in your favorite pomade for definition and hold.

The Low Buzz Haircut for Women – Would You?

Bring out your boyish cute side with this gorgeous hairstyle! Wow simply stunning! The hair is straight and very short completely giving the body and face all the freedom from hair. Show off your beautiful facial features like the nape, cheekbones, face shape, eyes and many more with this easy haircut. This hairstyle is so simple to care for and great for the girls who are always on the go. This hairstyle suits all facial shapes and hair densities.

How to style:

  • Apply a scalp and hair moisturizer.Br
  • ush hair with a boar bristle brush.


Short Cut for Ladies with Round Faces

Wow how cute! This shaggy pixie haircut is adorable and seems to be a good grow out cut from the usual pixie haircut but still almost the same. It’s a great hairstyle for most casual events like a night out and to the concerts too. The bangs on the haircut will help draw more attention to the facial features and add more definition to them. The haircut is edgy and messy especially at the back! It is another haircut that does not require a lot of efforts when it comes to styling and for that girl who is always on the go!

How to style:

  • Use your fingers to brush hair and bangs one side and then rough up with hands while you blow dry. Your blow drying skills don’t have to be perfect because you want a slightly messy result.
  • When hair is dry, grab your favorite pomade or wax hair product and pinch the ends of bangs and sideburns to create a pointed/pieced look.
  • Use more styling product to rough up the crown to create shape and volume.

Spiked Pixie Updo with Ombre

Amazingly beautiful! This lady looks gorgeous with the short hair styles that is spiked up in the middle (Spiking up the top of this pixie really makes it rock and roll) to create a messy look. The blonde highlights in the hair is more like icing on the cake making it more unique, classy and absolutely chic! Even your best of girlfriends will be jealous of you with this hairstyle. This hairstyle will expose all your beautiful facial features making you look even more feminine.  Suits best oval, round and square faces.

How to style:

  • Remove moisture from hair after getting out of the shower.
  • Use a strong hold gel or hair wax to grab the top section of hair and spike it up. Apply the product from roots to ends to get a long lasting hold.
  • Use the same hair wax to push the bottom half of hair down and around the ears.
  • Use a strong hold hairspray to lock your look in place.

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