Nice Ideas of Wavy Hairstyles For Black Women

Are you wanting to go with something different for 2018? check our selections of wavy hairstyles for black women. Well you have come to the right place if you are looking for some new styles for your long wavy hair. Styles this year will be just a little be different this year as oppose to last but one thing is certain and that’s long wavy hairstyles are still in. Now the question is are you going to pull out that curling iron or the deep waver to get those looks you have been wanting?

Though its a new year you get to expand your hairstyles by adding something new to your arsenal. The great thing about longer hair is that it tends to work will with all face shapes and you can look great for any season. If you need some inspiration for your long wavy hairstyles lets get started with these below.

Keep Your Cool with the Casual Long

Yeah the casual long wavy hairstyle is one of those styles that you can just do so much with. The casual waves allows the long hair to look more easy going and fall into one place all on its own. You can find them mostly with a lot of body and ranging from messy to heavy thicker one length hairstyles.

It doesn’t matter whether you have permed hair or naturally wavy hair this hairstyle is easy to maintain and create. If you don’t have the natural wavy hair you will find you might spend just a little more time trying to get the waves to style and hold.

Casual long waves work well with oval, oblong, and square faces and in 30 minutes or less you can have some of the best long wavy hairstyles you have ever seen.

From Casual to a More Formal Appeal

Sometimes you just want to look a little more sophisticated for those really really special events and moments. In those times you will have to make a switch from your longer casual look to one that takes advantages of your waves in a search of a formal hairstyle. The more formal longer wavy hairstyles allow for a great look.

Check out Nia Long with this more formal wavy look. This is a great style for various face shapes and is easy to do. You can have this hairstyle in no time at all and works for younger woman as well as women over 40. For styling simply grab the curling iron or rollers and get to work.

Layered Long Wavy Hairstyle

While there are a lot of types of wavy hair length from short to medium the one we really love seeing is the really longer type wavy hair with layers. When you have those long flowing locks it just says something, like come and get me or do be mad your hair can’t look like this.

I don’t know maybe its just us but when we have those long formal waves. While Nia Long has great hair in the above photo she has more of a medium to long hairstyle. Christie Brinkley and Sofia Vergara (no layers) on the other have have the locks that really reach down and look gorgeous if you are going for the really longer look.

How do you want to wear your longer hair this year? If you are going with the long wavy hairstyle which do you find suits you more? The casual, formal, or really long formal wavy style? Gotta love those waves!

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