New Medium Length Hairstyles You Can Try In 2018

There are many choices of new medium length hairstyles you can choose from. They do come in a variety of very many styles in that you will never run out of options from the straights, curly/wavy, bangs/fringes, colored/ombre and up do’s too. So what’s your excuse now again? Any way they are a great choice especially during the summer when the temperatures are extreme.

These inspiring models below in this article all have chin-length hairstyles that totally rock. Texture and color are key elements that will help keep your shorter hairstyle fresh and modern. They do look great and also favor most facial shapes because they come in different styles that can do for different shapes and hair textures. Well, with all that said let’s explore them.

Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

New Medium Length Hairstyles with bangs and ponytails

Bangs are trendy, they have been around in the fashion books for some time now and they only get better so they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Side bangs like for the model above also help add texture and framing to the face. Her hair is brown, thick and short to the chin. This super sleek chin-length hairstyle is totally cute and wearable. The overall softness is subtly contrasted with stacked layers in the back and front to help add texture and volume. This look is great for office parties and guest to the weddings. Get the look now and be chic.

How to style:

  • Wash the hair well using shampoo and conditioner
  • Grab your trusty flat iron and take your time going over small sections of hair to create a straight and sleek look.
  • Keep the iron beveled under especially when you reach the ends to help them flip under instead of laying stick straight.

Messy Chic Hairstyles

New Medium Length Hairstyles Inspirations_03

Wow this is a messy cute short to medium length hairstyle. Her hair is in black and the texture looks great. The shaggy texture is cut throughout the entire hairstyle and even the bangs have a shaggy feel to them hence providing them with this awesome look. At the same time it also provides one with this cute and yet modern boyish look. This hairstyle is mainly for the younger ladies and is great to a wild night out or to a rock concert. Its so simple that you would think she just jumped out of bed.

How to style:

  • Wash hair properly with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Blow out your entire head of hair with your blow dryer using your fingers. You want the end result to look tousled and slightly messy, so don’t worry about blowing it out perfectly or using a round brush.
  • When your hair is completely dry, go in with your favorite texture product to build up the volume and add some grit.

Layered Medium Length Hairstyles

layered women haircut styles medium with side swept

There is this cute romance that comes with wavy hair that looks awesome. This is a great look for women with round faces like the one in the picture above making it appear a little square. Her facial features look great with the minimal makeup. This look is so lady like and will take you to about any event or occasion. Her hair is blonde and medium length settling on the shoulders with cute waves. Go for this look and be stylishly modern.

How to style:

  • Start with clean dry hair and apply your favorite heat-protecting product throughout the style with your fingers.
  • Use a curling iron and start curling.
  • Spray with hairspray.
  • If your hair doesn’t hold curl well, just leave it and let it loosen up on its own. If your hair does hold curl well, you might just scrunch the curls with your fingers slightly to break it up and create more of a laid back, tousled feel.

Medium Length Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Ladies with round faces always have fewer options when it comes to hairstyles compared to the oval, square and hearty faces but they do look great in hairstyles that favor their facial shapes like the lady in the picture above. A round face boasts slightly wider cheekbones but also has great symmetry. Try styles that help break up the symmetry for interest and incorporate lengths and angles that help offset wider looking cheeks and elongate the face. Her hair is very thick, blonde and curled down towards the tips settling on the shoulders.

How to style:

  • Start with day two hair or hair that has been sprayed with a medium hold hairspray.
  • Section out the bangs, part them over to one side and smooth them with a flat iron towards the edges of the face.
  • Curl the remaining section of hair and spray.
  • Tease your hair for subtle lift and volume, and smooth.

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