Inspiring Straight Hairstyles for Long Hair

You are always hearing about long curly or wavy hairstyles.  Not much talk really goes on with the different styles for long straight hair.  Maybe no one really cares about those styles?  We don’t think that’s the case.  There are a lot of women out there like yourself who adore the straight hairstyles.  Sure is not something you wear every day but what hairstyle is?  Even if you rock the long hair straight you still have a lot of options.

Add Color and Layers to Long Hair

Long straight hairstyles can sometimes become boring but you can easily liven up your look by sporting a new hairdo that will complement your face shape.  There are a lot of straight hairdos that will work best with the natural color and texture of your hair.  One thing you can do is by adding some front layers that will flatter those that have straight textures. The layers will eliminate making your hair look wimpy and instead add the much-needed volume.

If you are more daring simply change those locks to a different color.  You don’t have to go crazy but you can if you want too.  Something simple as adding light colored highlights to ombre hair.  If you are bold why not change the hair color altogether.  If you are used to wearing your natural color go red or blonde or jet black if you naturally blonde.  This will make more than a splash but make sure you go to someone who truly knows what they are doing because you don’t want to damage your beautiful long locks.

Bangs and Fringes Make the World Go Round

Okay maybe not the world but you can really had some much need flavor and spice to that straight style by easily adding a fringe.  Whether you go with a choppy bang, blunt bang or something side swept this is a touch while subtle can really make a difference.

Be bold with adding bangs to longer hair. A 60’s cut will look great if done the right way. Instead of just cutting a big chunk of hair, avoid a wider cut and just simply snip the ends for light layers.  For a funkier appearance cut the ends at a angle so that some layers are shoulder length while other are down your back.

Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Maybe you want to get one of those styles you’ve seen your favorite a-list celebrity wearing a few days ago.  If its just a straight cut or something more glam you can do it too.  Find the look you want and go after it.  We are sure your stylist can hook you up.

Want to have Jessica Parker’s hair? Her long hair is tapered at the ends starting at the collarbones. Even if the hair remains thick, it will look streamlined and will even prevent having flyaway hairs if you tuck them behind the ears.

You have plenty of options on what to do with straight long hair and even if your hair isn’t straight your can find straight hairstyles that work if you flat iron it. Because there is so much you can do with it, you never have to hold back and do the most hairstyles if you can just so you can find the best hairstyle that will fit perfectly with your face whether is long, round or heart shaped.

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