Heidi Klum Hairstyles That Make You Want to Go Blonde

Need a sexy hairdo?  Why not try one of these Heidi Klum hairstyles?  Heidi has worn many hairstyles over the years.  Some long and straight while others medium wavy.  Usually though the color remains the same as she always rocks the blonde locks.  She is a style and fashion icon to many and her hairstyles seem to really be sought after by a lot of women and hairstylists.  You don’t need to worry about spending an arm or a leg to get the looks as we have them right here for you to view.

Getting hair like Heidi Klum is not difficult but you do need to make sure you are taking great care of your tresses.  This is some she makes sure she spends both time and money on.  While you may not be able to look like her you can surely get her hairstyles.  The Project Runway judge loves to be stylish and you can be too with one or more of the looks have below.

Formal Updo Hairstyle for Heidi

This is a classic look and one that can be worn to many events.  While it may not look like it, her hair for this style is actually very long. The great thing about this style is that you have a few options.  First you can wear it like it is in the photo with the hair teased to give volume at the top.  It also has the rest of the longer hair pinned to her head to give that great updo look.

Another style would be to leave the top the same but instead of pinning the hair to the head in the bak you could actually just rock a long straight ponytail.  This style works great for all face shapes such as round, square, oval and more.  While this is considered a formal do we think it can be worn almost anywhere but especially proms, weddings, and other special events.

All One Side Long Elegant Waves

Looking for that drop dead gorgeous hairstyles to wear this weekend or maybe to an upcoming event? Well this is one you should definitely consider if your hair is long enough.  Here we see Heidi with the usual golden blonde locks being worn just over hair shoulder.  The waves in this hairstyle are to die for.  The waves actually start at about the middle of the hair down and the side part finishes this very alluring look.

All the hair is pulled to the right allowing her face, neck and shoulder to be the center of attention.  To style and take care of this look you will need high quality hair spray, shine, wax and mousse.   This hairdo works for longer hair and most face shapes work just fine as the hair allows you to frame your face.

Heidi Klum LOB Hairstyle

Most women have adorned the long bob haircut before.  If not this is one that must be put on your to do list of cuts to get.  As a supermodel you usually try the glamorous hairstyles but as a mom you want the more functional yet stylish look.  This LOB works great for moms who want to look great and have a hair style that is easy to maintain.

Heidi’s look is stunning yet simple and the hairstyle works for most face shapes.  Notice the off centered part with the hair on the left swept behind the ear.  You will also see that this style has very stylish bangs that sweep just over her eyes and cheekbone.

Oldie But Goodie Twist

This is a hairstyle that we saw the lovely supermodel sport back in 2007.  This is a cute and simple updo that just simply works for her.  For women who have some issues or concerns about there face shape this is a look that would be hard to pull off.  Some women are self conscious about there forehead or cheeks or whatever.

Notice how this is a hairdo that lets it all show so there is nothing to use for an illusion like bangs to add angles if you have a round face or to cover your forehead.  With this twisted styled do you will need to start with straight dry hair.  All you want to do is twist your hair in sections so that the hair is close to your head.  To hold the hair in place use bobby pins and holding spray to finish the look.

The Copper Blonde Beauty

Looking for a medium hairstyle for straight hair?  How would this work for you?  Here you see that Heidi’s hair is super sleek and straight.  This look works great for women with naturally straight hair but you will still need to break out the flat iron if you wish to achieve this look.  Don’t worry if you don’t have straight tresses as you can still rock this look.

Start with clean damp hair and before you apply thermal protectant make sure your flat iron is turned on.  Using medium or high heat depending on your hair texture flat iron your hair in sections even your bangs.  Once done simply finish the look with hold spray.  The blunt cut eye grazing bangs really set this look off and makes her stand out from the crowd.

Heidi Messy Bun Updo Hairstyle

What can we say, she just loves those updo hairstyles.  Notice that this style is very similar to one of the early looks.  However for this one it is less neat and while still teased it is left out to give more of the appearance of a messy hairstyle.  Instead of being pinned to the head in the back she went with a bun.  This is a style that can last for hours if done right and you will need about a hour and a half to style.

As with many of her styles this hairdo works with most women’s face shape and hair texture. To get the simply tease your locks with a very fine tooth comb starting from the root of your hair.  Take the rest of your hair and pull to the back in a twisting motion to form a loose messy or tight bun and secure with pins.

Stunning Messy Bun Formal Updo

From one updo to the next. In this style we see that Heidi Klum decided to go with the stunning bun with bangs.  The angled part adds just that subtle touch that the look needs to pull everything together.  The bangs are swept to the side just over her eye but all the hair is up enough to show off her gorgeous earrings.

To get this look you need to start with damp hair and apply a small amount of mousse to it.  Grab you hair in two inch sections and blow dry it using a round brush.  The brush will allow you to create volume starting at the root of your hair.  Using a fine tooth comb create the diagonal part so that you can now sweep your bangs to the side.  Now form a bun in the back with the rest of your locks and secure it with hairpins.

Golden Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

A medium length cut could be just what you need for your next hairstyle.  This layered wavy cut works very well on Heidi’s golden locks.  The hairdo looks like something that was windblown to perfection.  The layers allow the hair to be light and soft making it easy to move and style.  With this look make sure you get regular trims to help prevent against getting split ends.  Hairstyles like this work great for oval, round, square and heart shaped faces.  If you want to get that shine to your tresses you need to make sure you add smoothing shine.  Whether you are in your 20’s or a women over 40 with thin hair this is a look that will work.

Classic Shoulder Length Bob with Piece-y Ends

You will have to go way back to 2008 if you want to see this look in person.  Okay while that isn’t possible what is possible is for you to get this medium bob haircut like she is sporting.  Her hair is cut just above hair shoulders and the ends are cut in a piece-y fashion that curve in ever so slightly.  If you look closely you will notice the very deep side part and fringe that is swept to the side.

To get this look you will want to wash and condition your hair.  Make sure you towel dry your hair then apply a small amount of mousse with your fingers.  Now you want to blow dry sections of your hair using a medium or large round brush.  Next create your deep side part and sweep your bangs to the side.  For that piece-y look on the ends you will want to take a dab of pomade and simply pinch the ends and create the look.  Finish the look with a lightweight hold spray.

Sexy Razored Layer Mid-Length Cut

Just what can you truly say about this Heidi Klum hairdo?  This hairstyle is one of our favorites and though its simple it really holds its own with it comes to style.  There is just so much that can be done with this cut.  This is a great style for those who want a stylish, fun and cute layered cut.  With the medium hairstyle you still have some length to work with and the layers wear cut with a razor to give it that face framing appeal.  Adding the bangs just finishes off an already stunning look.

Whether you have a long or round face this is a style that can really work for you.  While some women will think this is not a look for someone in there 50’s we think this is a style for anyone who wants to be stylish.  Medium to thicker hair works but for this cut as if you already have thin hair you probably don’t want or need your hair to look lighter with the layers.

So there are some hairstyles we wanted to breakdown from Heidi Klum.  Below you will find another fifteen looks and styles that she has worn over the years that you can copy or gain inspiration from.


Well there you have a total of 25 of Heidi Klum’s blonde hairstyles over the years.  Even if you don’t want to go blonde there are a lot of styles that you could probably choose from for your do and hair color.  The short bob is about the shortest we have been able to find Heidi’s hair cut but we just wonder how she would look with shorter hair and sporting a different color hue.

I guess being a supermodel you stick with what works.  If it isn’t broken don’t go trying to fix it right ladies?  We hope you enjoyed this post of blonde hairstyles and if you like it please share it with your friends.  Until next time be sure to check out some of the other posts here on Headquarters for Hair!

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