Hairdo Bangs For Women Ideas – Front and Side Bangs

Hairdo bangs are commonly known as fridges, not every woman has a bang, but this should not worry you because you can easily buy and attach a human hair bang and look exactly like these ladies featured on this list. On the other hand, bangs differ in style; you should always style your bangs basing on the shape of your face.

You can as well use that bang to create a new face shape, for example, if you have a long face, you can make it short with a well trimmed front bang like the one featured in position 2. However, when I look at these featured ladies, each of them looks different and beautiful, they have different hairstyles and also the bangs are styled in a related manner.

In this post we shall learn how you can grow out a short bang, how to add a bang on a wig , how to trim a side swept bang and how to cut a bag to get an attractive perfect look.


•    Wear a wig:  For those who want quick solutions, I suggest you opt for this wig option, I see no reason why you bother your self with wig extensions which will take you time to fix / glue. On this list, I have featured over 11 wigs with bangs, you can use links below each image to buy that particular wig.

You can try out different wigs with bangs and see how you will look, simply test those with front trimmed bangs like the on featured in position 2 & 3, and then give a try to a side swept ban wig like the one featured in position 6, look at your self in the mirror at the beauty store or ask a close friend how you look, because bangs tend to re-shape our faces, so you need to opt for one with a flattering style.

•    Buy a hair weave or extension:  Some women are proud of their natural hairstyles, however, if you don’t have a natural bang, you have two options, (1) grow that bang out , (2) get a hair weave or extension. Since you love that natural look, I suggest you opt for a natural bang extension, make sure its color and texture match with your hair.

•    Use glue to add a bang:  If you have opted for the above choice, you need to pull hair around the forehead backwards, you will see a line separating your hair from the scalp, pin the hair up with saloon clips and then put glue where you want the bang to be, don’t get worried, hair glue can easily get off, now attach the bang right from the scalp and release your hair, you need to comb your hair well so that it integrates with the bang.

•    Trim or Style the bang:   If you attach an external bang to your natural hair, the possibility is high that this bang will not meet your beauty needs, so you can re-shape it by trimming it or side sweep it and create a diagonal face shape. To trim a bang perfectly, you need hold the bang between your fingers, mark the areas to be cut with your fingers, use both a mirror and sharp pair of scissors to get better results.

•    Moist your bang:  Now that you have cut the bang, you must be looking amazing at this point, I wish I could see you, however, go a head and spray your hair and bang with a good hair spray, this will keep both the bang and the rest of the hair moist, soft and shinny. If you have a straight hairstyle like the lady in position 2 & 3, you need to use a wide toothed comb to brush the hair straight.



To some extent, women with thick hair have cute bangs, fine hair tends to fall over every where, so the bang will always be changing position, yet with a think layered hairstyle, you will train the bang to be in one place, but this doesn’t mean that women with fine hair should not have bangs, as long as you style it well, you will look fabulous.


Make a plan and be patient:  Much as you want to have a bang, the all process of growing it out will take a while, natural bangs grow in the same way like the rest of the hair, so, don’t expect miracles that first. If you plan to change your hairstyle in the near future, I suggest you start working on the growth of that bang, so that you don’t panic at the last moment.

Give them time to grow wild:  When you plan to grow out bangs you will ignore cutting your hair for a while, but you will put most of the effort on growing long hair and that bang in particular, so, in the mean time, you can wear a headband or side sweep the bang, let it grow out wildly, you will see the bangs grow towards your eyes.

At this stage, every thing will look messy, but don’t get shocked, use a cute hair clip to put the bang away from the face, please, don’t get tempted to trim it, unless when you’re comfortable with the thickness and length of that bang. In the morning you can remove the clip and blow out those bangs to see how long and thick they have become.

Remove the hair clip finally:  After weeks, check on the length and thickness of your bangs. They will look longer than what you expected, so you can go ahead and trim them to get a perfect look…

Kids love long hair the same way grown up women love their long hair, so I see no reason why  most parents deny their kids the chance of looking attractive, if you feel that your kid will not handle long hair, then opt for kids long wig like the one featured in the picture above.

If you look closely at the featured picture, you can’t even tell if it’s a wig, it looks super human and natural. On the other hand, if the wig is too long, you can trim it so that it stops just around the shoulder, in this case, the kid will not feel bothered.


Side swept bangs are well known for creating diagonal face shapes, so if you want to get a new look, this simple trick might work for you, so lets see how you can get a side bang.

•    Prepare your hair and bang:  Seems like a basic step, but most women ignore it. Please, to get better results, you need to shampoo and condition your hair; this will leave it clean, soft and moist. I doubt if you can make a side swept bang with dry hair. After washing it, blow dry it so that it stays moist but not wet, because combing a wet bang will make a tangled bang.

•    Part your hair:  By all means your hair has to be parted into two sections; one will be on the left and the other in the right. Do this with a comb, but use a wide mirror to see what you’re doing.

•    Cut the bang in a diagonal shape: This time, you will be cutting the bang in an angular format, this will create a diagonal form as the bang flows downward.

To some extent, thick layered hair can be styled ion so many ways, women with such hair, will look good with either a front bang or side swept bang. Growing thick hair should not be that difficult as most of you think.

However, just like any other beauty goal, you need to invest in some time and effort to get quick results. In this case, you can change your diet and eat foods with natural proteins and fats, drink enough water, rest for enough time, stay way from heated hair products like curling / flat irons, use organic hair growth products, trim you hair regularly and so much more….

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