The third day of Sibiu Feeric Fashion Days started in a special place, that I was anxious to discover, Brukental Palace. The first presentation was held in the courtyard of the palace, a beautiful bohemian place, that matched perfectly  with the outfits.

Elegant and refined, the collection signed by two Maltese designers Charles & Ron took the inspiration from a crowded Maltese market.

Feeric Fashion Days Sibiu Brukental

Brukenthal - Dragos Dumitru

In the evening, we moved on the Fortress street to see a new fashion show signed by a Turkish designer, Bakas Cankes.

It was one of my favorite collections,  so far. The outfits were exceptionally! I admired a colorful variety of clothes, great selected materials and pleasant contrast of colors and multicolored prints.

Bakas Cankes designer Feeric Fashion Days

Bakas Cankes Feeric Fashion Days

Bakas Cankes Feeric Fashion Days 2015

Bakas Cankes / Foto: Dragos Dumitru

Bakas Cankes - detalii

Bakas Cankes – detalii

After this collection, we ended the evening in Feeric Venue, with other four individual brand presentations: Aioffe from BucharestK11, Tenue of Saf and Dolamic Bojana from Serbia.

Aioffe Feeric fashion days Sibiu


K11 Feeric Fashion days Sibiu

K11/ Foto: Horatiu Curutiu

Tenue de Saf

Tenue de Saf / Foto: Horatiu Curutiu

Bojana Dolamic

Bojana Dolamic / Foto: Horatiu Curutiu

Bojana Dolamic a adus o pata de culoare pe podiumul de la Feeric Venue. A prezentat o colectie din piese vestimentare lucrate manual, in nuante delicate de azur, bej, roz prafuit. Inspiratia colectiei au fost apa marii si coralii.

About the outfit that I wore, I mentioned more details and photos in yesterday’s post, so I will leave you with one  last frame  surprised in backstage, at the end of the presentation from Brukental with Mitichi, the man behind the event and director of the Feeric Fashion Days festival.

Mitichi Presedintele Feeric Fashion days

Today is the most important day of the event, Feeric Fashion Days Gala with  with lots of beautiful fashion shows and surprises! See you soon with details and photos.

Kisses 😉