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Cinderella, courage, kindness and magic!

Cinderella is one of my favorite childhood characters! Even if I’m not a child anymore, from time to time I like to belive again in magic,  so I accepted  the invitation to see Cinderella avanpremiere with great joy and excitement.

Cinderella’s tale has been so beautiful adapted! The scenery, the costumes and the characters created a lovely atmosphere and a truly visual spectacle!

Ella was admirably played by actress Lily James, while Cate Blanchett brought vanity and more prestige to the stepmother. As for the costumes, were great!  I haven’t admired a villain so well dressed for a long time! And Cinderella’s dress,  just as magical as I hoped it will be! I would have liked to be in her place for a moment, two, or three! Such a beautiful colors  and textures!

Well, I will not reveal other charming details. I’ll let you discover the story, the sumptuous ballroom, and of course, the prince charming.

Today is Cinderella premiere in theaters! For a few hours forget about the real world and enjoy  a magic atmosphere!




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