The spring/summer 2016 collection by Antonio Marras mixed metallic silks with floral motifs, ornamented headpieces, and occasionally literal swerves into a broad-belted, full-skirted, folk-dress silhouette.

The clothes were absolutely ravishing, enriched with exceptionally crafted details. I liked each piece of clothing, beacuse each item has something special,

 As accustomed us, Antonio Marras poetically pulled together a jumble of different, one would think incongruous, reference points to build an emotionally charged lineup of whimsical designs and clothing collages of singular beauty.

Some of the most beautiful dresses, one with an embroidered collar and gold polka-dot details, another in a bold rose print, were suspended from simple spaghetti-strap shoulder ties and layered over plain ribbed undershirt style tank tops.

Antonio Marrasa 1

Antonio Marras 2

Antonio Marras 3

Antonio Marras 4


Photos Marcus Tondo /